April 21

The next two release are a Who Killed Spikey Jacky? 7" called Gluehead and a three way split 7"with bands from Tokyo featuring The Discocks, The Last Survivors, and Smallspeaker. WKSJ? should be released in early June and hopefully the splite with The Discocks comes out hopefully by late June. I am doing preorders on the WKSJ? 7" at the moment. The breakdown on the WKSJ? is:
100 black vinyl $7
250 white (glue) vinyl $6
250 splatter config 1 vinyl $6
200 splatter config 2 vinyl with alternate jacket - show release / tour version (not for sale)

If you are interested just email me at go.joe.pogo@gmail.com


October 26

The Bad Ponx split 7" arrives this week and orders are being taken. There are two tracks from each band: The Bad Engrish- Nowhere Kid + We Still Are ||| Ponx Attax- Chaos + Mas Problemas. There are 500 copies 300 or which are on yellow splatter which you can pick up at one of there shows as they tour gets underway. Another 200 copies are on pink splatter and are mailorder only. Much like The Erections 7" it's $5 per copy in the shop plus shipping. Order anything else and shipping is free so go nuts and pick something else up since. You can get the tour dates from:
The Bad Engrish Facebook
Ponx Attax Facebook
Joe Pogo Records Facebook


__ JPR031

June 23

The Erections - Stand Up Fuckin' Punks" 7 inch is finally out! 5 pogo punx tracks from Japan in the vein of the discocks and spiky brats....which you'll notice this since its the same guitarist from The Discocks. I fucking love it and have listened to it literally hundreds of times. Long Live Oi!!! 500 copies in three configs: 100 blue splatter, 150 on red/white haze, and 250 on balck wax. It's $5 per copy in the shop plus shipping. Order anything else and shipping is free.

Also, " Fuck You, We Rule OK! 2013" is this July 4th weekend. Its got some of the newest and best bands in the USA. So to support the festival and the scene in the USA, I'm doing a compilation of all of the bands playing the festival which will be given away free at the festival. There will be some copies left over to purchase within the USA, Europe, and Asia.

The Erections - Front Cover _The Erections - Back Cover _ The Erections - Vinyl

Fuck you we Rule Ok! Release!

Adolf and the Piss Artists
Against the Grain
The Agrestix
Assualt and Battery
Bad Engrish
Black Actress
Brass Knuckle Boys
The Brewser Boys
Brickwall Vultures
Combat Crisis
Dog Company
Jet Birds
The Krays
Krum Bums
Potato Pirates
Ponx Attax
The Shame
Sniper 66
Streetlight Fight
Virgin Whores
Violent Affair
The Wheelz
Who Killed Spiky Jacket


January 1

2013 starts with the arrival of the new Crispy Nuts album "Blah". It's on CD as well as vinyl with 100 copies on transparent red wax and 200 copies on white wax. You can order in the shop link or you can just email me. Show some support and check them out if you haven't heard of them...and if you have, then pick up this release! Up next is The Erections "Stand up Fucking Punks" 7 inch.

Crispy Nuts / Crispy Nuts


July 24th

Man it's been a long time since any updates here so a lot to post. Ok first, the new Omixlh album, "Legion of Freaks" has arrived on CD and LP. There are 1000 copies of the CD and 500 copies of the LP. As far as the vinyl goes there are 50 copies on yellow, 200 on splattered wax, and 250 on black wax. As for the album...this is amazing street punk!!!

For ordering, if you are in Greece contact the band on their web site as they have copies for Greece. In the rest of Europe please contact Dirty Punk Records in France via their web site. For the USA / rest of the world, you can order from me. Just drop me an email or order from the shop link. Over the next few days the album will be available online as well via all the normal places you can stream/buy music from (itunes/amazon/blahblah).

Also, The Bad Engrish "A Breed Apart" picture Disc is still available so be sure to grab one at there shows as they've been touring like crazy the past few months.


No Coast